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02-20-16, 06:03 pm
Hello so I found this Guinea pig in a trash deposit and I brought it home he is really skinny which I don't know why because the cage had food, but then I have notice that he has something Black in his thighs I'm wondering what can this be. Help I think this might be bad!!! Also there is a strange hair loss on him as you see in the image.

02-20-16, 06:31 pm
The pee of my GP is cloudy I just saw it and it's making me worried. He is really skinny too. What's wrong with him

02-20-16, 07:23 pm
All guinea pig urine is cloudy. Whether or not it's a problem depends on several things.

One, how old is your pig?

Two, exactly what do you feed him? What kind of hay? What kind of pellets and how many? Which veggies and how many of each?

Three, what kind of bedding do you keep in his cage?

02-20-16, 07:24 pm
I can't tell where on him that spot is. Inside his thigh? Outside?

02-20-16, 07:37 pm
It's inside. Where the thighs and the belly meets.

02-20-16, 07:44 pm
I don't know how old he is because I found him around the trash deposit I rescued him. I fed him honeydew, green bell pepper, and pellets. I fed him around a handful of everything mixed. His bedding is a mat kind of like a fleece. I haven't order the hay yet but I'm already doing it so I'll be getting it soon. What really worries me is that his peers was brown before and now it's really cloudy.

02-20-16, 08:15 pm
How long has it been since you rescued him? How much does he weigh (a kitchen scale is the best tool for weighing them)?

Could you pop into a pet store and grab a bag or two of hay to last you for the period of time it will take your hay order to arrive? Hay is by far the most important part of their diet, and should make up 80% of their diet. Also don't give him too much honeydew, it is quite high in sugar and guinea pigs can't process sugar very well, limit it to a small amount once a week, the last thing you want right now is him getting bloated. You could try giving him other vegetables, here is a page to read about what vegetables you can feed and how often you can feed them https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/22156-READ-ME-Cavy-Nutrition-Charts-amp-Poisonous-Plants-List

Given his background (I have no doubt people who would dump him by a trash deposit also weren't feeding him properly) I would also be concerned that he may be suffering from scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency). If he is suffering from scurvy he will need to be supplemented extra vitamin C for a week. Here is a good page to read about scurvy http://www.guinealynx.info/scurvy.html

02-20-16, 08:20 pm
It looks like his nipples, it isn't surprising his nipples are black as the surrounding fur is black and brown.

02-20-16, 08:37 pm
I agree, looks like a nipple. And they're surrounded by a hairless area.

02-20-16, 10:41 pm
I resued him 3 days ago. i dont know how much he weights but im pretty sure he is underweight he is around a pound. I was giving him honeydew because of the vitamin c content; already replaced it for cucumbers. Also I'll get hay first thing in the morning. Also I gave him some green bell pepper but he didn't like it so i mixed it with some pellets. He also has associated me with something good because he isn't as scare as i first brought him home. Btw i wanted to see if this hair lost is normal thing or is something really bad. Here are the pic.7840678407

02-20-16, 10:47 pm
Thank you guys it was making me worried i thought they where lice, because he has hair loss. Something else I was wondering if this was normal.7840878409

02-20-16, 11:03 pm
The hair is definitely thin, but the skin underneath looks mostly healthy at the moment. The hair loss could be caused by a number of things, for now I would just watch it and see if it spreads, if he seems to scratch it frequently or if the skin becomes red.

For example it could be caused by scurvy, or it could be caused by negligent cage cleaning meaning his stomach was exposed to feces and urine, it could be mites but mite related hair loss typically begins on the back, or it could be a fungal infection.

02-20-16, 11:40 pm
Piggy36, please do not make multiple threads for one pig. It makes it way too hard for us to follow the pig's health. I've merged these threads.

02-21-16, 12:03 am
Sorry for putting different post I was new and really desperate I was sure you guys would understand since you guys are GP owners I didn't know how to use the website now I know. Btw I'm cleaning his cage each day to maintain it clean and neat just leaving behind a few poop pallets so he can recognize it. So it looks like he just needs a better diet, love, and effection and he'll be alright. Also I'm planning on saving money to take him to the vet ASAP for his check up. I hope one day I'll show a picture of him doing fine and really on shape that's all I want right now. I'm pretty sure he has a lot to give me once he is healthy. He will be a great family new member.

02-21-16, 12:06 am
I have another question. Sorry. Everytime I'm around my Guinea pig my feet start itching I don't think it's an allergic reaction since I have placed him on my arms and belly and they don't show any sign of itchiness or redness. So what's your opinion?

02-21-16, 12:11 am
Guinea pigs don't make very many people itch. It's much more likely to be the hay. Timothy is the worst offender. You might try switching to one of the other grass hays (meadow, orchard, blue, brome) and see if that makes a difference.

02-21-16, 12:13 am
Btw I'm cleaning his cage each day to maintain it clean and neat just leaving behind a few poop pallets so he can recognize it.

I didn't mean negligent cleaning on your behalf, it would take longer than 3 days for it to get bad enough to cause hair loss on the stomach. I meant where he was before he was dumped may have been negligent with their cleaning.

I don't really know what is causing your feet to itch when around him, but you are correct that you would be experiencing it on more places than just your feet if you were allergic to him, or anything on him like hay dust.

02-21-16, 11:02 pm
Take him to a vet. Tell them you found him in the trash. Ask them if you can give them 20 bucks towards the checkup fee. Then go from there.

02-22-16, 12:32 am
the fact that anyone would throw out a living creature just breaks my heart.

02-22-16, 07:15 pm
Guys update. When I got to home from school i immediately went to look for him just to find his belly wet. It has pass many hours and it doesn't dry. Also i tried carrying him on floor time to pet him and he started grinding his teeth. In addition he smelled pretty bad78425.78424

02-22-16, 07:17 pm
Also I found what was making me have those allergies. It was the pallets that I was feeding him. I'm hoping he gets vegan quick lol. Also he smelled like lamb.

02-22-16, 07:24 pm
What pellets were you feeding him?

02-22-16, 07:26 pm
Okay, he needs a vet. A wet, smelly bottom is an indication of a urinary tract infection, and that needs to be treated promptly. He may be grinding his teeth in pain, but the vet should also check those when you take him in.

As always, see an exotic vet. Don't waste time and money on a small animal (dog and cat) vet -- they're not equipped to treat guinea pigs, and the reputable ones won't even see them.

02-22-16, 08:01 pm
I don't know. When they through him away he had those. I was researching and I found that changing his diet completely could be really bad, so i kept feeding him that with some tiny pieces of vegetables.

02-25-16, 05:52 pm
Hey guys the hay(Timothy hay from http://smallpetselect.com) just came in and i placed it in the floor and gave him floor time and he haven't even got a bite of it. He is just hiding in the hay and he feels really scared of me and not eating it. I'm also saving up to go to the vet.

02-25-16, 06:25 pm
Hey guys he is acting really weird today. He is running away from me like if I was going to kill him and he is being really active. Also his hair is kind of falling. What's wrong with him yesterday he was alright?

02-25-16, 07:22 pm
He is a prey animal he is going to run away

02-25-16, 08:53 pm
He is a prey animal he is going to run away

I know he is a pray animal and that they are suppose to run away from me, but today it was to the extreme when I placed the Timothy hay. He was running away from me like if I was going to kill him. He has never shown this behavior in the last week I've had him. Whenever he is scare get just hides and usually is curious about what I'm going to do. Today he was different.

02-25-16, 10:11 pm
Also his hair is kind of falling.

As in he is losing more hair? If so I would be concerned that he has either a fungal infection or mites. I feel a fungal infection is more likely if he hasn't been scratching excessively given the location. As the area in question is his stomach I personally would opt for treating with one of the anti-fungal shampoos listed in this link rather then a topical cream http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html

Have you been able to get a kitchen scale? If he isn't eating the new hay it is very important to monitor his weight to make sure he is eating enough to maintain his weight, and if he is losing weight you would need to start force feeding him. Read http://www.guinealynx.info/anorexia.html and http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html

How many of his old pellets does he have left? If there aren't many left it might be a good idea to switch him over to Oxbow or KMS brand timothy pellets. Oxbow is easier and faster to get as pet stores often carry it, whereas KMS needs to be ordered online.