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sweetie pie
02-13-16, 05:24 pm
Please help I've had sweetie pie for 6 days and she finally let me pick her up and I noticed that her foot is black. Sweetie is white in the middle and brown on her front and back. She runs and jumps but I thought there feet were supposed to be pink. New mom 6 days and very attached help

02-13-16, 05:28 pm
Their feet can be colored, just like cats and dogs. our piggy Peanut has 1 brown foot w/ pink pads and clear nails and her other 3 feet are black - black fur, black pads, and black nails. It's no big deal, nothing is wrong. (unless her foot was pink and then turned black at some point, which would be strange lol)

sweetie pie
02-13-16, 05:31 pm
Thank you so much calming down now