View Full Version : C&C Alternatives New guinea pig cage

02-03-16, 12:54 pm
Hi,I have two female guinea pigs that are well bonded,they are getting a new cage,it's a pet store cage(120cm x 60cm which is the rspca minimum guidelines. I still felt this was too small so I ordered two,and I'm joining them together so it in total the cage will be 8ft x 2ft.Opinions please? It worked out much cheaper than a c&c cage,the postage for grids makes it very expensive.

02-03-16, 01:26 pm
A doubled cage will be large enough.

But you can buy grids locally. If you order from Walmart, they're shipped to the store for free, and you can then go pick them up at the regular price.

02-03-16, 01:36 pm
Sorry I forgot to mention I'm in Ireland and have to get them delivered from the UK.

02-03-16, 02:05 pm
I was going to use log bridges to cover the whole area for them to get over,or take the ends off and cable tie it on so there is two platforms,for them to get over.http://www.zooplus.ie/shop/rodents/cages/rabbit_cage/120_cm_cages/146571