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01-30-16, 04:23 pm
Hello everyone,

I am new to this and I getting 2 guinea pigs soon and I am researching cages and bedding. I don't really mind how convenient or easy the cages/bedding are because I have a lot of time to clean the cages so I would just like to know the cheapest method. I am deciding on a midwest cage with a loft, 2x3 c&c cage with a loft, or a 2X4 c&c cage with a loft. I have the space for them I just don't know which one is cheaper to make or buy. Also, I would like to know if fleece e or vetbed or some other bedding besides loose paper based type bedding is the cheepes and how I can find it and put it together. I know some people put uhaul under fleece but is it possible to just use uhaul and nothing else and if not how do I make fleece liners because I heard that the pre made fleece liners are expensive. I also don't plan on expanding my cage. Thanks so much!

-Alysse Swann

01-30-16, 04:31 pm
Nobody uses plain u-haul, or at least, they shouldn't. It just gets wet, and the pigs run the risk of bumblefoot, urine scald, and urinary tract infection. You want fleece over something absorbent (u-haul, towels, pellets, etc) so they'll stay dry.

Look at the fleece forum. There's all sorts of bedding information on there.

01-30-16, 04:44 pm
ok thank you I will check there

01-30-16, 04:49 pm
Get the 2x4 without a loft. Upper levels don't count towards square footage, plus it is cheaper to buy.

01-30-16, 05:05 pm
about how many cubes would I need for a 2x4 and loft and what are the measurements?

01-30-16, 05:20 pm
also do I need the outside part of the coroplast that make it a tray for the cage or can I just use one flat piece?

01-30-16, 05:47 pm
Click on the Main tab at the top of this page. It will take you to the page for C&C cages, how to build them, how to know how many grids you need, etc. The links are on the left-hand side of that page.

01-30-16, 10:47 pm
See this thread. It has a list of places you can buy materials.


A box of grids will be enough to make 2x4.

4 cubes box usually has 16 grids (sometimes 17), and the 6 cube box has 23 grids. You only need 12 grids for a 2x4. (2 + 4 + 2 + 4 on each side)

You can use a flat piece of coroplast, but it's not recommended. Your pigs can kick poops out of the cage. It's better to have a side. The tray is not hard to make.
See this link:

01-31-16, 12:09 pm
ok thanks so much! what is the difference between the 4 and 6 cubes?

01-31-16, 12:12 pm
The four cube box will make four storage cubes, the six cube box will make six storage cubes.

01-31-16, 12:48 pm
I have a question. I recently uploaded my little guy to a bigger cage, and he reeeeeeaally loves it. He has so much more room now, he has his favorite stairway hut, but there's something I'm a little concern about it. Along with the stairway hut is a small stairway ramp that leads up to where the hay dispenser is and his food dish, I put him up there to show him that his food is up there now, and I don't know if he's trying to get up there or just testing the waters with it. And I was wondering, should I incorporate a mesh ramp of some sorts against the stair steps so he can get up there easier? This is the last cage I'm buying for him for awhile because I can't really afford to buy one or build one atm, and I just wanted your guys opinion on the ramp part, if that makes sense.
I admit, this is a rabbit cage. There was one for guinea pigs, but it was far too small and he's so happy with this cage.

01-31-16, 12:58 pm
That cage isn't large enough for a guinea pig, and guinea pigs can't do stairs. Take that whole plastic thing out of the end so he's got a little more room to move around.

Also, please investigate larger cages -- you can make them for very little money, and sometimes none. Grids are cheap, coroplast is free if you use political candidates' signs, and you can build your pig a decent sized cage. See the Main tab at the top of this page for recommended cage sizes, and the Photo galleries for examples of cages.

01-31-16, 01:13 pm
It looks like it's one of those larger cages in Europe. What is the dimension of the cage?

I'd remove the upper level, the ramp is too steep.

I'd change to fleece forest hidey, so he can hide and run through them.