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10-31-05, 10:46 pm
I have been trying to upload a pic in my photobucket but getting nowhere. anyhow, I bought the Chin Spin Wheel and it is silent and fabulous. There is no way buddy will run this off its axis.

11-01-05, 06:27 am
Here it is:

11-01-05, 01:34 pm
I love my chin spin as well. Our cage has melamine sides; the only open mesh is on the door. So my dad - dear, wonderful, amazing cage-builder dad, mounted it on some braces and then on a wooden platform, so it sits on the bottom of the cage. It's so sturdy and the chins love it!

How many chins do you have? I think I used to have that cage that's in your picture. Do your chins chew on the plastic clamps? We eventually had to make our own cage, because the chins kept chewing the plastic clamps on the store bought ones.

11-01-05, 01:59 pm
The chin spin is one of the safest wheels you can buy. Every one of my chins has one and they could not live without them! I also have mine installed in melamine cages.

11-01-05, 02:43 pm
Plummie, did you mount your wheel on something or did you put holes in the melamine? I thought about putting holes in the melamine to mount it directly on the cage itself, but I would have had to move a bunch of shelves around to do so. Do you have a picture of your cage?

11-01-05, 04:30 pm
You can see a pic of my chin cages in my Gallery here. I have eight of those cages that I built. I did install the wheel directly to the melamine, but there are many different ways you can do it. I removed the hanging hardware from the wheel first, then installed that to the wall. Then I screwed the wheel back on and tightened it up. Works like a charm! No rattling or shaking the cage, perfectly silent!


11-01-05, 05:06 pm
It was too wonderful sitting in the living room last night and forgetting that Buddy was running his wheel! My roommate and I slept well. I was so worried about his disturbing her. I need her half of the rent!! LOL I think these Chin spins look safer than the saucers. There is something about them that doesn't sit well. It looks as if they could go sailing off and smash into the side of their cage or something. I know it is just my fears.
As far as Buddy chewing the plastic, nah. He tasted everything and then left it alone. He has tons to chew on. He loves to sit in his ball that I mounted in the cage and hang out and play with toys. I change them around. The acrylic toy that is in the picture is a hit even though he can't destroy it. I use heavy picture hanging wire to mount things such as the ball and to hold the top of the cage to the bottom. One day down the road I will have a larger home for him but as a single old college student now, this was the best I could do. He seems happy.
oh I just have Buddy. One chin is enough for me. what a rascal!!

11-01-05, 06:17 pm
I've got 4 chins currently, but the littlest one we've fostered, Peanut, is old enough to go to a new home now. I've just been "forgetting" to try to find one for him, because I don't want to part with him.

I agree with you about the saucer. I didn't like it. My chins never figured out how to use it either. So now it's sitting in the garage.

The chin spin is so quiet. I love it. :)

12-09-05, 03:19 pm
OK all you Chin owners. What do you think about a C&C cage for them? Are the squares in the cubes too big that they would get their heads stuck? Buddy is full grown now. I just brought two sheets of coroplast home. I am going to enlarge my pig cage but am eyeing the second sheet for Buddy. Input plase.

12-10-05, 12:44 am
I think chins will make short work of coroplast, unless you have the grids inside it. I know someone on here has their chins in a c&c cage, but it would not be my preference.

12-10-05, 02:01 pm
This is what we are wondering about. He is in a plastic bottomed cage right now and once he goes around and checks/chews he is done. But the coroplast would give in to him and he would have a field day! My other idea is to use the cubes and extend his existing cage. I can take the 'top' cage apart and make the second and third story as big as the bottom. right now it is more like a split level. I will ponder some more. Thanks!