View Full Version : New the Forum! Meet Georgia, Pinecone & Ripley

01-24-16, 02:26 pm
Hi Guys, I'm Jessie and I have 3 guinea pigs.

2 girls that live together Pinecone and Georgia in a 2x4 C&C Cage. I adopted them about a year now and they around 2 years old. They are my first guinea pigs.

I also have a little boy guinea pig that I rescued. His name is Ripley. He lives in a 2x3 C&C Cage


He is around 4-6 months old. He has deformed back feet. So he is missing his middle back toes on both feet. But is growing nails on his other toes. The vet and I are keeping a close on this to make sure he is not in any pain. So far he appears not to be.

01-24-16, 02:32 pm
Very cute! Welcome to the forum!

01-24-16, 03:18 pm
Welcome! Your pigs are adorable!!

01-24-16, 03:41 pm
Super cute! Welcome to the forum!