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Shawna Driggers
01-24-16, 12:50 pm
Hi there!
I'm Shawna and this is my Piggy story so far! :)
A few weeks ago we purchased our first Guinea Pig from Petsmart. (Random purchase as we were there for Crickets).
We bought all the cages and everything the sales associate recommended, then I came home and started my research. We quickly built her a 5x2 cage and took the cage we bought back. She's been doing wonderful and is starting to really come out of her shell.
Fast forward to yesterday, when I thought that we needed to add a few more to our family. We found a sweet older woman who had two 'females' and brought them home with us. They are said to be about a year old and have only been with her for four months, so their history beyond that is unknown. They were being fed a diet of what looks like bird seed and were in a cage with a bunch of wood shavings. We cleaned their cage and put fleece down and introduced them to hay, which they acted like they had never seen before. Upon our inspection we noticed one of the Guineas is actually a male, and the other is a very pregnant female. I am able to feel babies kick and see them move when she lays down. She is more stand offish than the male, and just seems uncomfortable.
I separated the male and female and have not introduced them to our first piggy yet, but ANY advice is welcomed and appreciated.
I built a house for her to hide in, took out all the shavings and have her on fleece, and I am feeding them what my baby guinea pig has been eating (Oxbow Young Guinea Pig Pellets and Oxbow brand Alfalfa and Timothy Hay.) Apart from fresh fruits and veggies daily is there anything else I should be doing for them?

Thanks for reading that long post! LOL

01-24-16, 01:17 pm
Sounds like you're doing very well!

Depending on how many pigs you want to ultimately wind up with, you can keep the male separated and see if the sow has any male pups. They can go live with dad at 21 days.

Depending on just how pregnant the sow is, you may or may not want to put her together with your other sow. If she has enough time to get adjusted, you can go ahead and introduce them. But if she's massively pregnant and nearly due, you may want to wait until the pups are weaned before trying introductions.

See https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/103012-How-can-I-know-if-my-guinea-pig-is-pregnant-And-how-far-along-is-she for how pregnant she may be.

Shawna Driggers
01-24-16, 01:34 pm
78121 She's a big girl. haha
I think she is in her final weeks from what I can tell by reading that link, so thank you! I will keep her separate until after the babies are born...would it be a bad idea to introduce her and babies to our other sow a week or so after they are born? Miss Piggy, our first girl, is still young, approx. 5 months old, so I am not sure how introductions would work with them.
Our boy will definitely not be allowed to play with the girls at all lol so keeping at least one boy baby would be recommended to be in the cage with him, right? Or would just being near the girls cage be enough to keep him entertained?

01-24-16, 01:36 pm
He will need a friend of his own, so keeping a boy would be recommended.

01-24-16, 01:39 pm
I wouldn't put the sow and the babies with the other pig when they're that young. If the other sow and the mom were used to each other, and had been in the cage together for a while when the pups came, it would be fine to leave the two sows in the cage. Guinea pigs make good aunties and (neutered) uncles, and will help raise the babies. But the sow with new pups may be more territorial than she would normally be, and it may not go well with the introductions. The pups will be weaned by three or four weeks, and you could put them together then.

I wouldn't put the poor boar near the female pigs, particularly with birth being imminent. The sow is in heat minutes after the babies are born, and it will drive him nuts. I'd move him at least across the room, if not into another room, until you're ready to put a baby boar in with him. If you don't have room to do that and have to house them close together, be sure to have lid on the sow's cage. He can push up a lid on his own cage, but can't lift the lid on the sow's cage.

Shawna Driggers
01-24-16, 01:53 pm
Ohhh ok! I'll wait on the intros then! I currently have the boar (magnus) in his own cage on one side of the living room, our original girl, Piggy, on the other side of the living room and our pregnant girl Tessa in her own cage in the dining room (its a bit less chaotic in there).
Thanks for answering my questions, i'm totally out of my element here and trying to figure it all out before we end up with a disaster.
So, for now, everyone is separated and will remain so for the next month at least.

Hopefully by tomorrow I can get ahold of a small animal vet to check mama out. The only thing they've eaten other than that bird seed type food was baby carrots and the woman gave them 4-5 a day each. So, their food has been rather slack to say the least!

01-24-16, 01:57 pm
Don't take her to a small animal vet. That means dogs and cats, not exotic pets. They get almost no training in the care of guinea pigs, and can actually do harm in some instances.

She may not need a vet visit. Most people don't take pregnant pigs to the vet unless they know ahead of time that something may go wrong. But if you do, find an exotic vet. It'll be more expensive than a dog and cat vet, but you'll save time, money, and aggravation in the long run.

Shawna Driggers
01-24-16, 02:08 pm
That works too. I will find an exotic vet to have on hand incase there are complications then.

Here's the whole crew. Piggy, who helps with homeschool work, and an upside down Tessa and Magnus. lol

78122 78123

01-24-16, 03:28 pm
Your pigs are very cute! Good luck with the pregnancy!

Shawna Driggers
01-24-16, 06:30 pm
Thank you! I'll keep you guys updated! :)