View Full Version : Lump 6-week-olds all with black scab in the same place - bellybutton?

01-23-16, 05:51 am
I adopted a female guinea pig and her three daughters recently, and gave them a bath today. They are currently six weeks old. I noticed a little black scab on Puffie's belly and decided to look at it better after the bath. However when I then bathed Tango and Latte they both had the exact same thing. It is a small black scab, perhaps 1-2 mm in diameter, and it's where I imagine the bellybutton would be. I've attached a photo (getting it was damn hard!). Would this be the remnants of their umbilical cord? As far as I can find the mum doesn't have one.


01-23-16, 07:10 pm
Yes that is the bellybutton. It is normal for it to have a black scab on it at their current age. I am able to locate the belly button on most of my adult guinea pigs, though it is much harder as they are nearly smooth and are typically the same colour as the surrounding skin. The exception to this in my guinea pigs is the boy who is my profile picture Theodore, he has pink skin on his stomach but his belly button is brown and a cowlick falls dead centre on the belly button so it is extremely easy to find and see.