View Full Version : getting a Midwest cage tomorrow

01-18-16, 09:10 am
Hi we are getting the Midwest cage tomorrow. I'm curious has to what to put it on since it has a canvas bottom. Should it just sit on a piece of wood. Thanks

01-18-16, 09:45 am
It needs to go on something completely flat and stable. It can be difficult finding something that fits that exactly though. Some people put them on the floor, find an appropriate table or have a table made. I have stacked Midwest's on a custom double decker table.


01-21-16, 07:37 am
I got the Midwest cage Tuesday afternoon. We got it set up with the pine pellets under fleece, and a kitchen area. We went from the pet store cage with 2 in it to this. I put the piggies in it and they just started jumping around and running laps. Took them a little while to figure out the little ramp into kitchen but not long. They are still jumping around every once in a while. I think they like their new home.

01-21-16, 08:22 am
I would take out the divider into the kitchen.

Although large enough, this cage just meets the bare minimum for 2 pigs. Having the divider ruins the flow of the cage and just makes it 2 smaller spaces. It would be much better and easier for them to run if they have one open space. The divided kitchen area can also just be a place for a pig to get trapped and fighting to happen.

01-21-16, 08:57 am
Congrats! Let's see some pics of your new set up!

01-26-16, 12:18 pm
Congrats! Let's see some pics of your new set up!
It's kinda dirty right now. Haven't done my morning sweeping of the poop yet.