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01-11-16, 04:10 pm
Hello everyone! My name is McKenna and I'm a very new guinea pig owner.

I recently adopted my guinea pig Ember (I just came up with a fitting name for her a couple days ago, haha) about a week ago now. I rescued her from a 14 year old girl who wanted a guinea pig for her birthday, but about a month later she decided that Ember was too much work (between feeding her, giving her fresh water, cleaning the cage, and playing with her/giving her attention), so she started abusing and mistreating her, and eventually stopped feeding her altogether so she would die. Thankfully my roommate works with her father and he mentioned to my roommate about the situation and said if they didn't find someone to adopt her soon, they were just going to shoot her.

I've always wanted a couple guinea pigs, but didn't consider getting one at the moment until this situation was brought up to me. From there I immediately decided I would adopt the poor thing and give her the love and care she deserves!

So here I'am! I decided to join this forum because I'm already part of a different forum for my rats, and everyone there is super helpful and nice. I've read up a LOT on guinea pig care and requirements already, but I still have a few small questions and I thought this might be the perfect place to discuss some questions/thoughts and maybe even make a few friends.

Anyway, I'm excited to be here! Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction post, & have a great day/night! <3

01-11-16, 04:44 pm
Welcome to the forum! You will find tons of help here and everyone is so knowledgable. I know ive learned so much since getting my pigs.
Its so nice to hear you rescued her. Thats absoloutely awful what that girl was doing, and how that situation couldve ended if you hadnt stepped up to the plate. Unfortunately a lot of young kids are like that though... i believe kids shouldnt have small animals unless they have proven they are responsible enough and wont get bored of it after a while. Too many animals end up in rescues or dead because of kids like the one you described. And many parents just dont understand how much is involved in keeping a cavy happy and healthy. My mom doesnt seem to understand why i do half the things i do for my pigs. But shes not the one caring for them, so it doesnt matter really. Anyway!
Are you planning on getting her a friend? Cavies are herd animals, and do much better with friends. How big is your cage? A c&c cage would also be much recommended. :)

01-11-16, 05:06 pm
Thank you! &I completely agree with you! It's really ashame how many poor animals are just thrown aside and mistreated after a kid gets bored of them or finds something "better". All animals take quite a bit of work, but I feel that rodents take a bit more than some other animals due to cage cleanings, fresh fruits & vegetables daily, lots of food & diet restrictions, bedding (which is a crazy thing with how much bad bedding is being sold out there like it's not a big deal), and etc.

And it's funny you mention that because my mom (and family in general), all think I'm crazy for how much money, time, and love I put into taking care of my rats, gerbil, and now guinea pig since it's not the typical pet of a cat or dog. lol They truly are worth it though! :)

As for getting her a friend, yes! I've actually been looking into getting her one for days now. I've just been going over the best option since I've found some but they all have their own pros and cons between pricing, distance, sources, etc.

The cage I have for her now is the cage I received when I adopted her from that awful girl. It's a "Guinea Pig Starter Kit Set, Standard" from PetSmart or Petco. It's the blue one out of the choice (I believe there's red and blue). I'm not sure exactly what brand it is, I'd have to look it up, and I'm not sure of the dimensions since I haven't measured it yet. However even when I first adopted her I knew right from the start that I wanted her to have a better, homier cage. I was actually recommended to make a C&C cage by a friend and I think I might just do that! Can you buy them premade or can you only buy the individual pieces and put it together yourself?

01-11-16, 05:09 pm
Welcome welcome! I agree with holly leaf, thank you, and ember will appreciate a buddy.

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you would need to buy the pieces separate, though I believe you can buy the cage kits through this sites mother site. It's easy and inexpensive to set one up

01-11-16, 05:13 pm
Thank you! I think she would really enjoy a buddy to. Especially since she is VERY skittish and scared usually at all times since she was abused for about 2-3 months straight while that girl owned her previously, so I think a friend may help her adjust and trust more. I also have a few questions about that as well which I will be posting in the correct subject column soon. :)

As as for the C&C cages then that's fine to! Thank you, I appreciate it and will be looking into that right away! :)

01-11-16, 05:23 pm
I know which cage you're talking about, it's from Kaytee. It's what my boyfriend and I got when we got our first piggy, now it's the kitchen in our C&C cage.

Also, you can buy the C&C with all the pieces you would need but I think it's cheaper to buy the parts. We needed one box of grids, which was $20 or so and the coroplast was $8 per piece (we needed 3 pieces because they were 30x36, but a big piece from Home Depot is about $20)

01-11-16, 08:48 pm
Oh okay, I thought it might have been a Kaytee or All Living Things brand. Thank you for clarifying! It sounds like you have a really nice cage set up now!

I'll keep an eye out for them though. Someone told me you can buy them at Walmart or somewhere similiar, which is convenient because I'm still not quite positive on which stores actually carry them.

Eat the cheese
01-11-16, 08:55 pm
Hey, welcome to the forum. I hope all goes well with taking care of your piggy ember ;)

01-11-16, 09:38 pm
Have a read of this forum thread for more info about where to get grids and coroplast in the US https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/107825-Where-to-find-C-amp-C-cage-materials

01-11-16, 11:53 pm
I got my grids at Kmart (they were in the DIY section, might be different at another store though). And yes, Walmart has them, as does target.

01-12-16, 06:36 am
My walmart didn't carry any kind of grids whatsoever, and neither did my target or Home Depot. I ordered mine from the walmart website, as they have a good brand that's online only. They were about $20 for a set of 4 cubes. The rest of my grids for my stand I already had from way back when I had rabbits.

01-14-16, 09:50 pm
Awesome! Thank you all so much for this great information & help! I appreciate it all!! :)