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01-11-16, 04:07 pm
Hey everyone, I'm new to this website. I have one female American Short Hair guinea pig named Coco. I had an Abbysinian pass away a few days before Christmas, his name was Chester. <3 I am planning on buying/adopting another female to live with Coco. I have an extra cage right now. Coco eats unlitmited Timothy hay, plain pellets, fruits/veggies, and has fresh water with added vitamin C. She also chews on a "log" to 'file' her teeth down. She loves obstacle courses and lettuce. :)

01-11-16, 04:37 pm
Just so you know, the veggies you are giving her should provide all the vitamin c she needs. Those water drops are actually not recommended, as they dont work well. And its good to have chew toys, but her hay is what will keep her teeth filed down. Otherwise, sounds like youre doing pretty good! Good luck finding a piggy friend for her. :)

Also, you should post some photos! We would love to see Coco.

01-11-16, 04:58 pm
Hey! Welcome to the forum!
HollyLeaf is right, btw, love the username, is it from the book series warriors by any chance? But yeah, he water drops are not recommended because they distort the taste of the water which means that the pigs might not want to drink the water. Chew toys are pretty much useless, since they don't get to the pigs molars. The grinding motion the pigs make when they chew the hay should wear their teeth down.

By the way... I have never seen a pig go through an obstacle course... But I'd love to see a video of one going through an obstacle course! Hint hint. ;)

01-11-16, 06:04 pm
Ok, thanks. I'll stop using the drops. I don't think I need to take out the log, she loves to rest in it and chews on it all the time. :) I'll try to send a video, here's some pictures. One is her dressed up for Holloween, and the other is of her and her three babies, we sold them sadly. :( Btw magicpiggie, I didn't take it from the Warriors book, never heard of it. ;)

01-11-16, 06:05 pm
Look at the picture of the babies. See the black and white one? Poor thing! lol

01-11-16, 06:16 pm
If the cage pictured is the one you're using currently, I suggest getting a new one. That is really small, I have the same one, but I'm using it as a kitchen area now. It's about 1/4 of the size that is recommended for a piggy. I know a lot of bad information can get passed around about the needs of a pig, so I just thought I would let you know.

An upgrade in size is really important, especially if you are going to get another pig. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

01-11-16, 06:59 pm
Hey! Welcome to the forum!
HollyLeaf is right, btw, love the username, is it from the book series warriors by any chance?
Haha, yes, one of my favorite characters. :P

01-11-16, 07:01 pm
Btw magicpiggie, I didn't take it from the Warriors book, never heard of it. ;)
Heh, i think magicpiggie was talking about my username. :D
Cute photos. The babies are adorable!

01-12-16, 09:19 am
Oh Lol! Btw peachyteen, I do have a bigger cage, I just need to clean it out, since my other guinea pig Chester was sick. He was an Abyssinian. Rest in Peace, Chester. <3

01-12-16, 12:57 pm
Oh good! I just wanted to make sure ☺

01-12-16, 05:53 pm
Ok. The first thing I thought when I saw your location was the Christian band, For King and Country. :)

01-14-16, 06:30 pm
77993Here is a picture of Coco in the bigger cage. I usedpine shavings then put orchard grass hay on top. I know it's not the biggest cage, but my room is super small and I can't fit anything bigger. :rolleyes:

01-14-16, 06:38 pm
PiggieLove13 Your pig is adorable and so are the babies! I love For King and Country btw haha
HollyLeaf I love that character too lol!

01-14-16, 07:17 pm
Thanks PeanutnCookie! I added you as a friend, glad my little friends icon says 1 instead of zero now...:D

01-14-16, 07:19 pm
hey, just a heads up, salt licks aren't recommended for piggys. I saw one in the photo, so I just wanted to let you know

06-11-16, 08:36 am
Don't worry, I threw that away. :)