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01-10-16, 04:10 pm
My two cousins got two 2 month old guinea pigs for Christmas from Petsmart. One is dark brown, with black through out her body with a white diamond on her nape of her neck her name is Leya. The other is white and light brown, her name is Cappuccino. My cousin called me in panic cause she noticed that Leya has some hair loss on the nape of her neck( top before her ears). That area has a small lump that feels like a tumor, but it has white flakes, looks like a scab. As a guinea pig, (age 16) owner for 7+ years, and that I've dealt with symptoms like this I can try to help but I feel like I need help to help my cousin. So, Leya according to my cousin, Leya scratches the lump, Leya is eating and drinking normally, Leya makes a coughing noise that sounds like she is choking or something is stuck in her throat and that at times Leya has what my cousin said (Mucus looking liquid) in her eye that crusts up. "When Leya is on floor time with her sister pig, she doesn't like to run around and is more clingy to humans but when she is the bottom level in her cage she likes to run laps up and down. She squeaks loudly for no reason"- My cousin. My cousins are 10 and 6. They are first time guinea pig owners and they asked that I help them through the journey. From the research I've done it sounds like a URI- Upper respiratory Infection from all the things she has observed. But the lump to me might be a tumor, or a skin condition, but I'm unsure and I want to ask for other guinea pig owners for suggestions, before I tell my cousins anything that could be wrong information. They have called a vet and no appointment has been made. Can you please give me any input that could benefit this baby guinea pig. :)

- Irene Natasha

01-10-16, 04:21 pm
Leya needs to see a vet. The coughing and crusty eyes are signs of an URI, and a guinea pig can die from one in less than 24 hours. That's the more serious issue and she should see a good exotic vet ASAP. Tell your cousins not to waste time and money on a small animal vet -- they treat dogs and cats, not exotic pets.

The lump could be one of several things, but a tumor isn't the first thing I'd think of if it is rough and flaky. Is it possible to post a picture?

01-10-16, 05:50 pm
I'm trying to get a picture sent to me !