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01-03-16, 05:07 pm
I was adopted by two cavies just yesterday (1/2/16). It's been over a little over six years since I've had one. I quickly discovered the cage I purchased from [unnamed petstore] was too small, so I ordered one from here. They are both still very skittish. Milady de Winter (white rump) is more shy than anything. Morgause is skittish and a bit of a complainer/bully, but I think she'll settle down.


01-03-16, 09:22 pm
Welcome to the forum! The one with the white bottom looks exactly like my Penny. They are such a joy. I started out with that cage too, but quickly upgraded. By the time I'm done, the pigs will probably have more of the house than I do.

01-03-16, 10:36 pm
Since they're pet store pigs, turn them both over and make sure they're both female. We've had quite a number of pregnant males here, all because some ignorant pet store clerk couldn't tell the difference.

01-03-16, 10:57 pm
They are not pet store pigs. I got them from the Humane Society. Only the cage was from the pet store.

01-04-16, 12:05 am
Same difference, and usually about the same level of knowledge of guinea pigs. Better to check than to have unwanted pups.

01-04-16, 06:02 am
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