View Full Version : Hello and please help with determining sex of alleged female pig

01-01-16, 11:08 am
Hello! We are the new owners of two female pigs around 6 wks old - Petunia and Marabel. We are starting to wonder if Marabel is really a dude. Watching her walk around, she appears to be developing "butt cheeks"; Petunia does not have this although she seems to be slower to gaining weight and confidence compared to Marabel. We are having trouble based on inspecting the genitals. I have attached a picture. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!


01-01-16, 11:35 am
Looks like a girl. My boys are easy to spot now I'm a little more used to it and that has a definite "y" or "v" shape.

01-01-16, 11:39 am
Here are two sites that may help: www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm, and http://www.pet-informed-veterinary-advice-online.com/sexing-guinea-pigs.html.

The acid test of whether it's a male or female is if you can get the penis to extrude.

01-01-16, 01:42 pm
can anyone help with determining the sex of my new baby Guinea pig?? This photo is at 4 days old. She/he was an unexpected surprise as we had just got two females from pet shop was not expecting our baby Guinea pig to have a baby! It happened 5 days after we got them home!!

01-01-16, 01:46 pm
Look at post #2 (https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=2) in this thread. It will be easier to tell in a week or so what sex it is. You've got 21 days before you have to separate a male from the females.

01-01-16, 04:24 pm
@clarkspigs that looks like a boy to me but definitely check it for yourself