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12-27-15, 10:37 pm
Hi and thank you to everyone taking the time to read this! I recently got a guinea pig as a gift and I love the company! Unfortunately I just tried grabbing him (for the second time since he is very jumpy) and he had his arms and legs stretched out as well as making crying sounds (from what I thought) :sad: I know he needs time to adjust and I placed him on my lap and continued to pet him softly for comfort, but it worried me about how uncomfortable he seemed.. thank you again to everyone who reads this!

12-27-15, 10:45 pm
Welcome kaylav27 ! Congratulations on your new pig. Glad to have you here reading and learning. I have learned a TON here since I got my pigs. Do you have some pics?

The jumpiness is totally normal. All 3 of my pigs run away when I try to pick them up. What works for me is to make a "C" shape with my hand and then use it to pin the pig down. Then slide my other hand underneath and scoop them up. And one more tip - use a towel or waterproof lap pad when holding. They WILL pee on you. Trust me : )

12-27-15, 10:58 pm
Yes i do actually CavyChrissy , i will post in a bit!! Thanks for the tips! Are your piggies comfortable once you're carrying them or do they still seem a bit squeamish to you?

01-06-16, 04:12 pm
Congrats on becoming a Guinea Pig Parent! I have one Guinea Pig currently name Molly, and I'm an auntie to my friend's guinea pigs Ana and Oreo, they are all pretty squeamish too even though we have both had them since late June of 2015. From what I heard from other owners its pretty normal for them to run away from people trying to grab them. But when its calm for the Guinea Pig it's easier to practice calling for them and teaching them to come to you, that's how it worked with my Guinea Pig Molly, maybe try practicing calling for them and they might become more at ease when you pick them up.

When I first got Molly I would lay by her cage and have a one-sided conversation with her, talking about my day, how happy I'm to have her, and random weather talk. Molly became more comfortable coming up to me and sitting by me over the week it she didn't struggle as much to get away from me. Hope this helps :)

01-06-16, 07:08 pm
Welcome to the forum! This place has a lot of great information and members ready to help when you need them. Guinea pigs in general are very skittish. If I were shaped like a natural snack, I would be too! Please post a picture when you get a chance. I love to see everyone's babies.

01-06-16, 07:25 pm
when I first got Ana she was very squirmy but she is getting much better now that i hold her and talk to her. At night before bed I would lay in bed with Ana at my side or on my stomach and have a conversation with her. I would ask her how her day went and would tell her about my day. I would tell her about my day and when it was stressful that I would think of coming home to her and Oreo and Molly and SillyMolly. I would always tell her that me and her aunt became great friends the first day I met her Auntie. Her Auntie is my roommate and a great guinea pig mother. She had been there for me and my girls all the time when I am at work. She helped my take care of my Fiancee guinea pig Amaya. She is a great person. I tell all these things to Ana. And each time I say her name in a calm voice and then before I go to bed i say Ana you love mommy and she will always give me a kiss goodnight. Oreo is a bit still young to do that to she is tiny and i dont wanna squish her.