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12-23-15, 11:17 pm

So here is a quick background to my question. Im asking for a friend that i have recently been helping with her rabbits. Both of my male rabbits live in two floor 2x4 C&C cages, by themselves (they don't get along). She contacted me when her rabbit gave birth to a litter of 4 babies. 2 died immediately, the other two shortly followed. Despite her separating the male (which she didn't know was a male) about an hour after she found the kits, he was able to impregnate her which led to an unwanted back to back pregnancy. Luckily, both mom and two babies were born healthy. They are now both identified as females and are staying with mom, dad will be neutered and will join the females after.

Before my help the mother and father lived in a TINY petstore cage together. Before this litter was born we upgraded to each parent living in a 2x2 C&C. Still small but better. Now the Babies are 8weeks old!! They are now moving the father into a small bathroom and giving the three girls a 2x4.

However here is my finale question... haha. What is the recommended C&C cage for 3 or 4 rabbits? I was thinking a 3x5, or a 4x4. She is willing to give them whatever size is necessary.
The mother is constantly in the search for a cheaper vet to neuter the dad, despite them not being exotic vet :(. I can't do anymore than what I have already for that.

However I am just hoping he is able to make it through whatever surgery that he goes through and is able to be with his ladies.

12-24-15, 01:48 am
I don't know what size cage they would need. It really depends on the size of the rabbits. Most people now recommend free ranging and potty training rabbits. Also, your friend should be aware that while rabbits are social, they aren't quite like guinea pigs. Females are very territorial and should be spayed to reduce aggression and the risk of certain cancers. There is a good possibility that if the girls are left unaltered they may start fighting. As for the neutering, rabbit anatomy is not as complicated as guinea pig anatomy so a regular vet can probably do it with little trouble. The biggest risk is the anesthesia, they should use either Isoflourane or Sevoflourane gas, never injectable anesthetics. Rabbits should also never be fasted before surgery, so if a vet recommended fasting the night before, I would look elsewhere.

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12-24-15, 02:25 am
Ditto pigmommy89: how big are the bunnies? And is this just a home base for them, or are they rarely let out of their pen? And the girls will need to be spayed otherwise your friend might have WWIII break out when the hormones kick in. When it comes to bunnies and territorial and hormonal behaviour, girls can be much, much worse than boys. Not to mention the very high risk of uterine cancer (the often quoted figure is 80% of unaltered female rabbits by around age 4 will get uterine cancer I believe). Also remember dad bun will need a few weeks post surgery alone because, like with piggies, infertility isn't instant after neutering.

Phew, lots to consider.

This might help with pen sizing too: http://www.therabbithouse.com/guide_size.asp

12-24-15, 03:14 am
What breed of rabbit are they?

I don't know much about rabbit cage sizing, though I do know the size of the breed does matter, but these pages might be somewhat helpful.

12-24-15, 12:02 pm
Okay so I know the risks of not spaying the females, and that they may fight when they get older. However her mother is barely willing to neuter the father. She is defiantly not gonna go for three spays, which i know is more invasive and I would not want her to spend 50 on a spay, as it would not be a bunny savy vet. The mother is very calm rabbit and if the young start to have problems she will separate. I don't know if temperament is passed down like in dogs, but the mother and father are both not territorial at all.

SO despite my best effort they are going to be together unspayed until they start to have an issue.

They are lops, the father is quite big probably about 6-7lbs, the mother is quite small 4lbs?, and the babys are both small obviously since they are only 8 weeks old.

The main owner is 13 almost 14, she gives them a lot of floor time, and I could probably convince her to give them more once the male is fixed. Probably like an 1-2 hours a day right now. She is at school all day and then home for only an hour until she leaves for 4 more hours.

12-24-15, 01:28 pm
OKAY so just got a very annoying shock...
The mother has just given birth to 4 more babies, yes I am annoyed with their irresponsibility, somehow the mother was impregnated again.

They are not able to have 8 rabbits obviously. When the babies are old enough they will be rehomed so if anyone is interested in the Kansas City area DM me and I will contact you in about 8 weeks.