View Full Version : General Can You Pass A Cold To Guinea Pigs?

12-19-15, 11:50 am
Hey everyone. I currently have a soar throat and a cough, could this potentially pass to my piggies?

12-19-15, 12:33 pm
Not a cold, because viruses usually don't pass between species. But if your sore throat is a strep/staph infection, then yes, you can.

You can get a paper mask from a drug store to put over your face when you're around them, and wash your hands thoroughly before handling them.

12-19-15, 01:49 pm
Thank you! I think I am good because I don't have a fever, so I probably don't have strep. I'll still make sure to minimize my time with them and make sure to wash my hands before feeding them just in case. :)