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12-16-15, 09:27 pm
Hello! My name is Cinnola and I recently adopted two gorgeous guinea pigs named Truffles and Butterscotch. They're pretty outgoing piggies- they will both take food from my hand and wheek when I go near their "cage" (they're currently in a pet carrier until the 2 x 4 C&C cage I ordered arrives).

Here's Butterscotch:


And Truffles (sorry about the terrible lighting, truffles was hiding in a dark corner. I'm not sure if you can even see here, oops! I'll have to take a better picture next time :p )


Anyways I'm excited to be sharing my stories with you guys, & Truffles and Butterscotch are too! :)

12-16-15, 11:36 pm
Butterscotch looks like she has a attitude, very cute. Hope that cage gets there quick! Welcome to the forums!

12-16-15, 11:51 pm
Cute piggies, welcome to the forum :)