View Full Version : URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Can I give Baytril early?

12-13-15, 11:07 pm
My pigs are on baytril twice a day. They should get their dose in about 4 hours, because usually I'm up until early in the morning, and then I get up late in the afternoon, but I'm just so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open. Is four hours early too early?

12-14-15, 12:03 am
It really should be given on schedule, especially if you're just starting them on it. If they've been on it several days, it doesn't matter quite as much, because their blood levels of it will have had time to build up.

12-14-15, 06:07 am
I second bpatters. At the animal hospital where I work, we usually make drug labels up for clients so that all antibiotics read "give every 8/12/24 hours" rather than "give 3/2/1 time(s) daily". The doctors want the labels for antibiotics written this way because the timing is important.