View Full Version : Hello everyone, new to the forum!

12-05-15, 07:38 pm
Hi! I'm Thea. I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I have two female guinea bigs that I adopted about three weeks ago from someone who had gotten them from a pet store and then decided they didn't want them any more. One is still somewhat of a baby and the other appears to be an adult. Anyway, I'm really excited to be part of this forum!

Eat the cheese
12-05-15, 08:11 pm
HEY!!! Welcome, and happy to have u here ;). Can we c ur pigs plz?

12-05-15, 08:28 pm
Here they are! The white one is Maci and the red and white one is Minnie!:o

12-05-15, 08:52 pm
Greetings from another Washingtonian! Maci and Minnie are just adorable. It's so nice to welcome a new member to the forum. Are these your first guinea pigs?

12-05-15, 09:34 pm
Aww, the first pic is adorable, love piggie snuggles!

12-05-15, 09:36 pm
Hi! Welcome to the forums! Your piggies are super adorable!

12-05-15, 11:14 pm
Very sweet girls! Welcome!

12-06-15, 01:58 am
Awww <3


12-06-15, 11:58 am
Welcome to the forum!
Your piggies are super cute. :D
I think you'll find a lot of very useful information and helpful people here. Everyone has been really nice to me so far. (I'm new as well.)

12-06-15, 12:34 pm
Thank you everyone! Kelsie My family had guinea pigs when I was little and then my sister and I had one when I was in middle school, but these two are my first very own guinea pigs. :)

12-08-15, 03:13 pm
Welcome! Your piggies are adorable! :D