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11-27-15, 12:11 pm

I am new to the forum, and unfortunately, my first post concerns a medical issue. My 6-month old boar has been having weepy eyes on and off for the past two weeks. He was taken to see the vet, but she's just as perplexed as I am.

His blood work indicates there are no infections going on, hist body temperature is also normal. We X-rayed him, and according to her, his teeth are ideally aligned and nothing indicates a tooth issue. It was a full-body X-ray, and there are also no signs of bloat or fractures (I do realize bloating or another injury would not necessarily result in weepy eyes, just mentioning it). The guinea pig generally looks healthy, eats and popcorns, does not seem to notice the eye discharge at all. The vet carefully looked into his eyes and saw no foreign bodies, and neither can I. The only thing I've used on him is some human tears naturale, which seem to help a bit, but I don't want to just treat the symptom and overlook any potential serious health issue.

Any advice or ideas will be very welcome.

11-27-15, 12:18 pm
Both eyes, or just one?

If it's just one, I'd suspect a possible blocked tear duct. For those, you can very very very gently massage underneath the eye with a damp washcloth, paying particular attention to the area in the corner of the eye. If that's the problem, it should clear up in a couple of days.

But if it's both eyes, it's not as likely to be a blockage, although you could try the massage on both eyes.

Has he had an ophthalmic antibiotic prescribed for him?

11-27-15, 12:50 pm
The issue first presented on Thursday last week, and only on his right eye. By the time we visited the vet on Wednesday morning, he had cleaned himself, so the eye wasn't even crusty. Then on Saturday evening, I noticed both eyes were weepy, but he was OK by Sunday morning. And then I noticed it today, again bilaterally.

I haven't made any changes to the bedding arrangement in the cage, but approximately 3 weeks ago I switched on the air conditioning at home. However, I think it's unlikely this is what's causing the problem, because it's been on permanently, but his eyes seemed irritated only on three occasions. I am mostly concerned about overlooking a serious issue like eye infection, but in the country I live in, we literally have just 1 clinic with vets specializing in rodentology, so I can't turn elsewhere for a second opinion.