View Full Version : Guinea Pig & Rabbit food - same?

10-29-05, 12:55 pm
Hi, I was just wondering ... (did not do anything yet!) ... how different are guinea pig and rabbit pellets? I have guinea pigs and have purchased high quality pellets for them from Kleenmama. I also have two rabbits, and before going online and doing research, I just purchased them the generic rabbit food from the stores. I read that the guinea pig and rabbit food shouldn't have all those extra mixes that they put in because it just increases their caloric intake and the corn can actually irritate the rabbit stomachs.

The pellets my guineas have are plain pellets and they are also given vegetables and hay. The rabbits also get vegetables and hay. However, I'm running out of the old rabbit pellets, and everywhere I go locally, they sell those rabbit mixes with all the extraneous stuff. I read that most rabbit pellets are alfalfa based, but timothy based is better. My guinea pig pellets are also timothy based. Anyway, does anyone know? I'm just getting information. I'm not going to feed my rabbits the guinea pig food, but am curious what the difference is.

10-29-05, 06:00 pm
As I understand it (and I am not a cavy mom), cavies need additional vitamin C, where rabbits don't. Check out the details on the Oxbow pellets:


Generally, pellets are made from alfalfa unless otherwise stated, especially the common pet store brands. The easiest way to know is to check the list of ingredients.

If you are looking to order online, I really, really like Oxbow Bunny Basics/T. Did I say I really like it?lol