View Full Version : Hello. New onboard

11-26-15, 03:22 pm
I am glad to be part of this community. I have been following up on this forum and I find it very resourceful. I would like to interact, share and learn tips on guinea pigs. I have an 8 month and a 4 month guinea pig

11-26-15, 05:04 pm
Welcome to the forum! I have two 5 month old guinea girls, the more you have them out the tamer they get

Malynda Teeter
11-26-15, 06:59 pm
Welcome! i have 2 piggies-a girl and a boy- Frankie and BJ. Planning on having BJ neutered. i hope you feel welcome!! There is tons of information at your finger tips!! I usually browse through and find something new to learn about every day.

11-26-15, 10:35 pm
Welcome. I am a new piggy parent and definitely the members of this forum tend to have better advice than a google search. I've learned so much here already so I hope you'll also find the information you need (and even some you weren't looking for that is good to have!)