View Full Version : 7 baby bunnies need a new home! Bay Area

11-25-15, 07:56 am
My girlfriend's aunt got two bunnies, and she got a big surprise when one gave birth to 7 baby bunnies. They are super duper cute, but she obviously can't keep them. She doesn't speak English and is not very good with computers, so that's why I am writing this post for her. I hope this is in the right section, I usually post about my piggies.
The bunnies are healthy and are looking for a loving home! If you are looking for a bunny or know someone that is looking for one, please let me know. I would love them to go to a good home. I do not want any of them to end up as snake food.
They are in Redwood city, but I can bring them to San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley... anywhere where the Bart goes!
Thank you!


11-25-15, 08:20 am
Omg I live in the Bay Are. Wish I could have a bunny. Sadly I live in a small room qq and already have two piggies (one is pregnant). But beautiful bunnies!!!

11-25-15, 08:49 am
They are adorable! I live in the Bay Area as well, and I would take one or two but my house already has two guinea pigs and a leopard gecko. And a toddler. I can't afford to take in more animals, but trust me, I would if I could.

11-25-15, 09:00 am
I know guys, they look so cute, I wish I could get one too!

11-25-15, 03:51 pm
Eek!! I want them but I'm not in California at all!! :-(