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11-20-15, 04:50 am
I was wondering how many people here have pet insurance for their piggies. I have a couple questions,
Do you think it's worth it? How much do you pay? Who do you use?

I've been thinking about getting it for our 2 piggies, they're still quite young (approx. 6 mo), so they're going to be around for a long time still.

11-20-15, 07:04 am
I don't have pet insurance as I have yet to find a policy which covers guinea pigs and have terms and conditions that I find agreeable. Instead I have a vet fund saved up in a separate bank account. Another option would be a low interest credit card for emergency use only if you didn't have enough saved up in a vet fund.

I don't really have a great opinion of pet insurance in general, you really need to closely read every single term and condition, often when you need it the most is when they won't cover you due to some of those terms and conditions.

11-20-15, 07:35 am
I have Guinea Pig insurance through VPI pet insurance.

11-20-15, 09:34 am
I almost got insurance through pet assure but I figured I would wait until my girls were a little bit older, they are babies right now so I think it will be a while before anything like calcium stones or ovary issues appear. Plus it is pretty expensive, $79 gives you a 25% off coupon on every service, but once you get into the surgeries 25% off of 1000 is still 750. If I had a chronically Ill pig I would definitely get it, but is my girls are healthy I'm keeping it on the back burner.

11-20-15, 10:20 am
I don't use any type of pet insurance because honestly, it's really only for people who can already afford vet treatment. Unlike human insurance, you need to use your own money to give the actual payment to the vet, then your insurance will later give you a percentage of that money back.

So, if you can afford hundreds or potentially even thousands (for bigger pets) as-is, then yes, insurance is worthwhile. If not, then you're better off setting aside a bit of money each month to be used as a vet/emergency fund.