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11-20-15, 01:09 am
Hi everyone! This is my guinea pig, Dennis. I got him October 16th. This was the original picture of him online at the Humane Society webpage:
He looked so sad in his photo. All I wanted to do was pick him up and love him but I wanted to be sure he was the pet for me. I did lots of research and found out I could take care of him (though I was so nervous that before I got him I had nightmares for a few nights) His ears are all torn up and the humane society couldn't tell me any details about when he was surrendered there so I am being very patient with him and he is responding well to the schedule I put him on.
It's been about a month and it has been a slow process but he already looks way happier than he did before. He warms my heart and I hope I can continue bonding until we are closer.

This Saturday I am getting a friend for him from a lady whose other guinea pig passed away and now is lonely. She described him as very friendly and 2 years old but I haven't gotten a name yet. This is the picture she posted of him:

So this is my piggy and soon-to-be-piggy. I am very excited and nervous for the introduction process. I had another nightmare last night about guinea pigs but I think everything will turn out okay.

11-20-15, 09:26 am
Congrats on your new family members! I'm sure they will be very happy together as long as their introduced properly. As for your nightmares that's a sign of anxiety, thinking you might have minor anxiety which is normal for a lot of people. I also have anxiety, and the best way for me to get over it is to spend my spare time watching YouTube videos about whatever is worrying me. Try watching some YouTube videos about introducing getting bags to calm your nerves, there's always the chance it won't work, but there's always the chance that they'll love each other immediately. Having a friend will also make Dennis more sociable and less afraid of you

11-20-15, 05:51 pm
Yea, the more videos I watch about it the less I seem to worry. That was a great idea, thank you!

11-20-15, 06:30 pm
im not the only one having guinea pig nightmares! im a constant worrier its amazing my kid isnt living in a bubble.

welcome to the forum! such cute piggies! dennis is adorable I love his curly little whiskers :) try not to stress to much (i know its hard not to esp. when you are new to guinea pigs) he looks happy, cant wait to see pictures of them together :) we are in the process of finding our girl that we got almost 2 weeks ago a friend hopefully one that can teach her how to drink... lol (this is what my nightmares consist of)

11-20-15, 07:31 pm
Also read over this page if you haven't already, it is one of the best guides to guinea pig introductions http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html?page=1

11-21-15, 02:30 pm
I've read it already but I will make sure to re-read it for awhile. Right now new piggy is in quarantine.

11-21-15, 02:33 pm
New piggy is very excited to be here.
He had a stressful day because not only did he move but he also had to get his claws trimmed!
The lady I got him from said his name was Bongo but she never had time to really call on him so he probably doesn't know his name. I'll try to think of another one that fits him but if I can't, he will be Bongo.
Dennis is so excited for the new piggy he popcorned when he first saw him in the cage over. Also been calling out to him but new piggy needs time to adjust.
Very exciting time for everyone.

11-21-15, 07:54 pm
Congratulations! New piggy doesn't look like a Bongo. He looks like a Felix to me.