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11-08-15, 09:21 pm
So, a couple weeks ago I noticed that my guinea pig, Twisty, had a small lump right above his grease gland. I asked my mom about taking him to a vet, but we never got around to doing it. The lump continued to grow, and so I continued to watch for signs of anything else that would seem off. Twisty had still been eating very well, drinking well, and seemed normal.

But, well, now the lump is a bit huge. In fact, I think it got so huge that it just... split. There's about 3/4 of an inch of open skin. There's not really any blood, but there's a huge just clump of very tacky, dirty-white substance sticking out of it (which seems to remove the fur it comes in contact with? Several pieces of his have come out if connected to the substance). I actually worked a bit of the stuff out, but some is still in the lump. Twisty seems fine, like it's not affecting him all that much. I don't notice him shaking, and he's still eating and drinking like usually. I'm coming here because the soonest I could get to the vet is anywhere from two days to a week due to location, and what I'm mainly worried about is an infection occurring in that time. I'm also worried about how to handle him in a way that it wouldn't hurt him.

If anyone has any knowledge on what to do, or experienced this before (because otherwise I couldn't find anything on the subject), it'd be much appreciated. Thank you for the responses.

(I'd also like to specify that I don't live two days to a week away from the nearest vet, but I'm about forty-five minutes away from the nearest vet and due to my schedule, I wouldn't have the time at the end of the day to take Twisty in.)

11-08-15, 10:18 pm
It sounds like an abscess, the white substance inside of the lump sounds like pus. Guinea pig pus isn't the same as human pus as they lack an enzyme in their blood to break it down, this makes their pus very thick.

For now you need to keep the lump open and flush it out regularly, you need it to heal from the inside out and if you let it close it will just reoccur. I would recommend flushing with an anti-sceptic solution, either diluted Chlorhexidine or diluted Povidone Iodine (read this page for more info http://www.guinealynx.info/antiseptic_solutions.html ).

11-09-15, 06:46 am
Ditto Soecara.

11-09-15, 05:31 pm
Thank you very much! I was super worried about him.