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11-05-15, 12:31 am
Hey Guys im a yesterday newbie i have 6 guinea pigs 2 males Scuffy and Chocolate, and a female Ninja (cause she black), ninja had 3 pups on the 3rd of Nov 2 girls (rosie and bobbie) and a boy (rusty). They are so cute:love: i got information of this cite about weighing and handling etc. My guinea pigs live in a sheltered run and house outdoors :cool:

Colorado Cavies
11-05-15, 12:47 am
Is Ninja housed with the boys?

Eat the cheese
11-05-15, 01:02 am
Hi, welcome to the form. You should consider housing your guinea pigs indoors and I would advise not to breed as I used to breed guinea pigs without knowing all the risks and the guinea pigs and I suffered the aftermath. I was younger and my parents said it would be good for them but when I got a bit older I decided to do a lot of research and lets just say my parents were wrong. My top tip for u would be to RESEARCH.But it is good to have u on here.

The Cavy Lover
11-05-15, 01:13 am
When guinea pigs are outdoors you don't get to know them as much because they're basically out of your sight. I love having my guinea pigs inside because they squeak when I come into the room.:) Also it's safer and better for your guinea pigs.