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11-04-15, 07:38 am
Hello, I have two guinea pigs and Ive had them for a few years. My husband and I have to move to Japan, and I know they are strict on importing animals. Has anyone imported guinea pigs to Japan before?

11-04-15, 08:13 pm
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but importing guinea pigs into Japan is extremely difficult, if not impossible for pet animals.

"Rodents, such as Hamsters
• The animal shows no clinical signs of rabies at the time of shipment
• The animal has been kept since birth in a storage establishment wherethe seven infectious diseases designated have not been confirmed
• The storage establishment recognized by government authorities http://www.mhlw.go.jp/english/topics/importanimal/dl/08.pdf "

Not to mention some flights require animals to be fasted while on board the plane (which is a very bad idea for guinea pigs). It may be in the guinea pigs best interest to re-home them rather then taking them to Japan with you.

Have a read of these links

11-05-15, 07:36 am
I have looked at those but I also emailed the japan animal quarantine services and explained they were pet guinea pigs. They told me there is no required quarantine for them but they need a health certificate and a notification form for the ministry labor something and welfare. Everything I read has pointed that I wouldnt be able to take them but then I'm told something else. I was given a contact number so hopefully when I call them tonight I can get a straight answer. Also, I will be trying to fly with Delta since they are very pet friendly and will allow me to bring them as carry on. I'm just not sure how I would be able to bring some timothy hay for my pigs on the plane.
I know its a stretch to bring them but I've had them for almost 4 years now, so I'm at least going to try my best to see if there is anything to get them to come with me. If not I'm going to have to rehome them, which makes me worried since one of my pigs can be a little difficult :/

11-05-15, 08:07 am
You'd better check with Delta about that carry-on business. Only a year or so ago a couple of people were trying to fly internationally with pets, and no international flight would allow them in the cabin. United has (or had, I guess they still do) a Pet Safe program, but the animals are not in the cabin.

11-05-15, 08:08 am
Of course, explore every possible avenue before making the decision. Hopefully you can find an avenue that will allow you to take them with you. If you can find a way to take them with you but the airline won't allow hay on the plane ask if they would allow pellets. It always pays to double check everything you are told in this kind of situation.

11-05-15, 08:50 am
Thanks everyone :) and I will be checking with delta, but since my husband and I just got married a few months ago and he's fresh in the military (plus the move overseas) we've been jumping through hoops just trying to get a little bit of info. So currently we are unsure when I would be flying out to Japan and what airline. I was also looking at united, but I might even be stuck on whatever the military puts me on so hopefully I will be getting more information on flights/dates in the next week!

11-18-15, 09:10 am
Good news! Ive contacted the japanese ministry, but they said they do not allow importation of rodents. HOWEVER, they do allow military personnel or family to import rodents so my pigs get to come to Japan :) all thats left is to figure out the flight situation. Many allow pigs to be stowed under your seat. Anyone know of a good carrier that can fit two pigs?

11-18-15, 08:18 pm
I'm fairly certain that different airlines have different size requirements for carriers, they have to be under a certain size to be allowed on. I have heard good things about Sherpa carriers.