View Full Version : Teeth Possible injury to teeth/gums - how urgent to see vet?

11-03-15, 11:10 pm
Trouble is currently on antibiotics and having a wound flushed daily after a fight. This evening, after doing the treatment, I put him in the pet carrier while cleaning his cage. As usual, I then lifted the carrier into the cage to release him.

I opened the door of the carrier and as it moved I saw he had hooked his teeth onto it. He wriggled free quickly, before I could even touch him. He was a bit spooked and ran to hide. I got hold of him and saw there was a little blood around the gum line of his top incisors. There was no blood running from the mouth. I let him go and he hid in the hay, and began nibbling on it.

Should I try and get him back in to see the vet tomorrow? He has an appointment on Friday anyway, should I wait till then if he's eating okay? He is currently on antibiotics because of his wound so I'm hoping that will keep any infection at bay. He's definitely a bit freaked out though - this happened a few minutes ago.