View Full Version : Making a cage- flooring options?

10-29-15, 01:21 am
I'm making a C&C cage and I need help figuring what to use as flooring, and also bedding

I know Chloroplast can be used, but are there other options too?

Heather Acosta
10-29-15, 02:27 am
I noticed that you were posting in the C&C cages for rabbits. If that is the case, I know that I have seen people using low-pile carpet, vinyl/linoleum, or cut scraps of laminate flooring. I do not know how any of those would work as I do not have a rabbit. I've also seen people keep their cage on the floor so that they wouldn't have to have a bottom/flooring.

I think that bedding options would be fairly similar to those for a guinea pig (fleece, paper, wood pellets, appropriate wood shavings/chips, etc).