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10-28-15, 05:14 am
(So sorry about the length! And also, I've been curious for a while, can anyone guess what their colors are? I mean, tortoiseshell, Irish, self, etc....? I've never been sure aside from Amber being golden self xD)

​Hi, I'm SkyKimimota, I just joined a few hours ago. Since none of my friends and family own Guinea pigs, I've been wanting to join a forum like this so I could get more acquainted with piggies in general and learn to be a better owner--er, cavy slave xD So I'm happy to be here! I'm 16 and have had piggies for a few years now, but I'm not super knowledgeable or anything yet, haha. Now for my herd!

First up are my two girls, Amber (right) and Chumo (left.) (Yes, their cage is a little dirty, it hadn't been cleaned yet that day xD) Amber is the dominant of the two, usually one to start scuffles, and she's known to boss Chumo around when food is near. Despite that, she's the most cautious of all the piggies, always the first one to duck for cover at the smallest noise. Chumo is mellow and usually lets Amber shove her around without a fight, though the two are still really close (Chumo has been with Amber since she was born.) While more friendly around humans, she still likes to let Amber investigate first as she follows behind until she gives the all clear. Chumo also very easily gets stressed and nervous when away from Amber.

Next are the boys! Squeakers (first pic under girls), Cocoa (last pic), and Rudy (between Squeakers and Cocoa). Squeakers is tied as top dog with Cocoa, and thus the two have occasional arguments over who's the real boss of the group. While cautious, he's more relaxed while on my lap than the other two and loves to munch on the carrot I hold for him. He's also the most vocal and loud of all the piggies, the reasoning for his name. Cocoa is the most careful and watchful, prowling on the fringe until he's decided it's safe to approach the human. His rank somehow always remains at the top, as even when he was sick and horribly skinny to the point he waddled when he walked the others let him boss them around and were gentle with him. Rudy is the underdog, rarely going against his brothers and usually munching off to the side when they argue. He's easily the friendliest of all the piggies, as it'll take him mere seconds to recover from a spook and come close again. While my family sees him as the dimwit of them (xD) he can actually be very clever and steal things when the other two are at it. Also really cuddly, quiet, and probably the furriest of the piggies. They fight more than the girls, but are still very close and don't like to be apart long.

10-28-15, 07:08 am
Welcome! What a cute bunch you have! It sounds like you love being able to watch their little personalities, which I love too.