View Full Version : Sick Poorly Piggy? Seems uncomfortable when resting but eating and drinking!

10-27-15, 05:38 am
Hi there,

Since last night Ricco has seemed not himself at all. He seems uncomfortable when lying down as if his legs or his tummy are bothering him - he keeps getting back up and turning round trying to get comfy. Last night he seemed very happy to just lie on us and not really move - which isn't that like him!

But otherwise he's eating and drinking like normal and doesn't necessarily appear in pain.

Last year he had an operation on his lower nipples as he had cancer but that was a success and all cleared up.

Has anyone experienced something similar before?

Thanks! x

10-27-15, 08:17 pm
It could be any number of issues. It could be bloat, a tumour, arthritis, bladder stones, or a number of other things. Your best option is to take him to the vet, have him diagnosed and at the very least put onto pain medication to help him be a bit more comfortable.

10-27-15, 08:36 pm
Ditto Soecara.