View Full Version : Medications Ferb medical - growth in ear

10-13-15, 07:37 pm
Ferb had a growth removed from inside his ear yesterday. It had appeared and grown over a 4 month timeframe so his vet and I agreed it needed to be removed and biopsied, especially since it would eventually block his ear canal. The problem, the vet tech gave me a tube of collasate and I'm supposed to put a thin layer over the surgical site daily using a qtip. Except Ferb is having none of it. This stuff is sticky. It's also difficult to see where it goes in his ear, pretty far in there near the ear canal on the grey spot where they cauterize do the growth removal site. I've had no luck applying this goo despite several wrestling rounds today. I'm wondering how crucial this stuff is? I've only managed to get it on him externally and am pretty sure he shouldn't ingest it so had to remove some of his fur to get it off him. I'm not sure it's worth the danger? Ideas?