View Full Version : Upper Levels Cleaning Under the Loft

10-09-15, 06:49 am

I adopted two girls on Wednesday. Their previous cage didn't have a loft, so it was so exciting last night when they finally started going up there. I lured them with hay.

Since they are new and kinda scared, they have spent a lot of time in the corners of the cage underneath the loft. So there's been lots of poops to sweep up from back there.

I was wondering how everyone does this? Do you lift all the grids up and duck in there and do it? Do you open the cage and like halfway crawl in to reach back there? Or do you have a door installed or something? Tell me your secrets!

10-09-15, 12:52 pm
my loft only covers half of the main part of the cage and I just use a hand held vacuum, sometimes my big vacuum, to clean the poos up :)

10-09-15, 01:52 pm
I might go the vacuum route. I have a hand one that I can use which would help me reach back there. I'm going to pin down the fleece. I greatly underestimated how much time it would take to put the cage together so I got them home late on Wednesday evening then I was up until after midnight getting the cage put together. So I kinda threw down the towels and the fleece and plopped them in there. I've been worried about scaring them with the vacuum so that's another reason why I haven't dragged that out yet. I aim to give the cage a good cleaning and straightening up and use binder clips to put down the fleece this weekend. Since they are still getting used to me I haven't taken them out of the cage yet for lap time so I'm going to try that tonight. I am quite afraid they will spend most of their time hiding from me when I try to get them up though.