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10-06-15, 08:47 pm
My guinea pig is not moving well or eating. She usually loves apple's but she will not eat or drink any water. When she moves she squeals. She is probably about 2. And I found out last month that she put in with the males when her cage was getting cleaned. As of now her tummy is not any fatter or anything. Why is she acting like this. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/10/06/e0e996d1e586dd812da4e20e17104b3c.jpg

10-06-15, 08:52 pm
I would take her the vet as soon as i could. Make sure the vet is an exotic vet because most dog and cat vets have no idea what they are talking about.

10-06-15, 09:03 pm
Yes she definitely needs to see a vet ASAP. I can't say what is wrong with her by what you have written, but the situation sounds dire and it sounds like she is in pain, at the very least a vet will be able to give her some medication for the pain and should be able to diagnose the cause.

As she is not eating you should start force feeding her, guinea pigs need food constantly moving through their digestive system to keep it functioning correctly. Read this link for informatio about force feeding http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html

10-06-15, 09:06 pm
Guinea pigs MUST eat, or they'll die. If she's not eating anything, you need to hand feed her, starting NOW. If you search for spy9doc's thread about her Chester, you can find how she hand feeds. There are also instructions over at www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html. You can probably get Critical Care tomorrow at a Petsmart near you, but for tonight you can grind up pellets VERY fine in the blender or food processor, make a very wet slurry, and use that.

After that, you need to see a vet ASAP. Not moving and not eating are very serious signs of illness in a guinea pig, and they can go downhill very quickly. You need a good exotic vet -- don't bother taking her to a dog and cat vet. They get little, if any, education and training in the care of exotic pets, and you'll only waste your money and your and your pig's time by going to one.

Good luck with her.

10-06-15, 09:22 pm
Thank you everyone. I will take her in first thing. We did get some water into her for sure, but we don't know how good the food part worked out.

10-06-15, 09:33 pm
If she's not eating anything, she needs at least 60 cc. of critical care for every kilogram she weighs, every day. 100 cc would be better. So keep it up -- she's got to eat.