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Cavy Crazy 2001
06-26-01, 04:43 pm
I really think that this is a good idea. For cavy cages. :) SO many people ask about cages.

May I suggest something??? I think it would be a good idea to put on a forum where you can talk about anything that relates to cavies.

Once again I want to say that I think this is a great idea. :)


06-30-01, 10:38 pm
Hi Paige,

Not sure how you found me, since I haven't told anybody yet, but welcome!!

The reason I didn't add a general discussion forum is that I don't want to compete with Cavies Galore or Cavy Madness, both of which have excellent general forums for cavy discussions. I would prefer that they send people here for cage-related details, and I'll send people there for cavy-related info and discussions.

I don't expect as much traffic on this forum as they get, and I think people might be disappointed if they don't get a fairly quick and diverse response to their questions.

What do you think?

07-02-01, 05:22 pm
Since this site is intended for Cages, I think that this site does not need a General Dicussion Forum.

Teresa i found your site early too!

I found it through this board as it was indexed at ezboard!

07-02-01, 05:25 pm
Well, welcome. Hope you also clicked on the main site here from the forum to check out the cages info.


Cavy Crazy 2001
07-04-01, 09:21 am
I found it the same way as Daniel. I was checking to see if my own Ezboard was in the index and I saw yours! :)

I completely understand what you are saying Teresa and I agree. I don't really want to compete with CG and CC either. I have a very new forum community(pub80.ezboard.com/bcavycrazy) (http://pub80.ezboard.com/bcavycrazy)) and it is a lot like CC and CG but I asked people of they would like more of the same old forums and they said yes. :) I hope people will enjoy my site. I know they will enjoy yours. It is wonderful!