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Lisa Seiffert
10-05-15, 09:58 am
Hi i'm Lisa, and live on the east coast USA. I just have a question.
I am going on a short trip mid October, and will be gone for 2 days, will my piggy be ok during that time, I will have plenty of food and water, but the hay is what I am worried about.
can someone help ?

10-05-15, 02:10 pm
For that amount of time, I'd definitely ask a friend if they can come by just to refresh the hay pile and refill the water bottle.

10-05-15, 02:33 pm
Seconding the above comment. It's only a little while. If you're really worried or can't get a friend or family member you trust to take care of them, you can always get another hay rack so that they'll have access to clean hay still.