View Full Version : Weight Loss Hot weather and weight loss?

10-02-15, 11:35 am
We have had an ongoing "heat wave" of around 80-90 in coastal Los Angeles. Our house does not have air conditioning, which is usually fine since it rarely gets above 75 for more than a few days of the year (we are actually planning to install A/C as a result of the current weather, but it will take a month or two). To deal with hot days, I close all the drapes, and wrap up large blue ice blocks in fleece so the pigs can lay out on them. Although it is not ideal, and I am sure they are not always comfortable, it has worked to keep them alive.

Unfortunately, with the ongoing heat I am sure they are more uncomfortable than normal. They remain fairly active, eat plenty, and don't seem to be in danger, but they also spend a lot of time on the ice blocks and often just look miserable. I feel bad about their discomfort, but my bigger concern is that my older (aprox 3 years) boar has been slowly losing weight. At this point he has lost about 80g (over the past two-three weeks). I am planning to take him to the vet on Sunday, but was wondering if it could be because of the heat? He definitely still eats veg, hay, and pellets, but I feed both of my boys together so it is hard to track if he is eating the exact amount he normally does. I know I generally have less of an appetite when it is hot. Maybe it is the same for guinea pigs? As I said, I will definitely be taking him to the vet just to check it out, but I was just curious if the weather could be the cause.