View Full Version : Cage Is this big enough?

09-30-15, 08:01 pm
I'm building a 2x3 cage, so would this sheet be big enough?


09-30-15, 09:02 pm
It's long enough, but the side walls won't be very high. The width of two grids is 28 inches, the width of the coroplast is 36 inches. So you've got 8 inches for the sides -- 4 inches on each side. That will work, but you may get some stuff scratched out of the cage with the walls at that height.

10-01-15, 01:25 pm
To ditto and add to what bpatters said, the walls won't be high, so if your guinea pig is a baby you'll need to babyproof by doubling up on grids& making the holes smaller.