View Full Version : Another Commercial Cage Vendor, Another Cube Source

07-13-01, 04:40 pm
I've added another commercial cage vendor to the list, Morton Jones. In addition, I've added some additional information to the other cage vendors. In a conversation with one of the vendors who I needed to get a catalog from because their info was not available online, I discovered some info which I now want to go back and check on the rest of them.

I know there are probably plenty of people here who are okay with breeders and breeding. As a rescue, I'm not. And for those people who are sensitive to the issue, I think people should know that buying cages from some of these companies directly supports their breeding activities as well.

An informed decision is a good decision (hopefully).

Thanks to Kathy for both the info on the additional vendor and the additional source of grids (Neat Idea Cubes).