View Full Version : Hello!! Advice and tips on how to care for a two month old welcome!!

09-20-15, 03:23 am
Hi all,
Well I am no dummy when it comes to guinea pig care, I've had males before and know to clean them and how and all that as it is I have two sows at ho I know how to care for, but in the past all I have had is guineas six months and up I have never had a boar so young... He has settled in quite well he loves to cuddle and munch veggies he has alfalfa hay and oxbow young cavy pellets (he doesn't seem to eat much of them) right now he has a dish of water in his cage but I don't know how much he drinks out of it he knows its there and I have seen him drink from it... I think I am worrying over nothing his poops are normal he does not show signs of dehydration or anything but he did have a bottle where he came from and I did have one for him that was plastic but A) it didn't work right so I had to take it back and gave him a dish and B) he took to the dish right away and does not search for a bottle and I want to get rid of as much plastic as I can from there cages (plastic = BAD) I think I am worried over nothing... BUT any tips and advice on how to care for a two month old would be great!!