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09-19-15, 09:22 am
Hi there,
I am a 31. yr old single mother of a 4 year old, and cavie slave to four precious little guineas sows.
Styx is a rescue off a local classified, she is the loves, and LOVES being held and licking whoever is holding her.
Pax is bought from a local pet store, once we knew we were getting Styx, as she was a "single" piggie. She is the eat-everything-in sight piggie
Lethe is Pax's litter sister, and the last piggie the store had, I could not buy Pax, and NOT buy Lethe. ( it's and awesome pet store) Lethe is the most vocal when held, or if she is upset, you KNOW it. :)
The newest addition:
Tygress, my special needs piggie, adopted from another pet store, that could not legally sell her. She is what we call a "mini-gin" She is the size of a baby, but full grown, we think she has a heart condition, but small as she is, she is thriving ( before vet recommendations, she has been to the vet twice, with a clean bill of health besides small size) She is a nibbler, and the most active of my piggies. She loved to jump, and her hedgie plushie!

My daughter, loves to pet the guineas, and feed them treats, however they are not hers, they are my therapy animals, and she never ever picks them up, or is allowed around them without supervision. ( she never tries to pick them up either, she has learned well with animals of all kinds, you pet only)

09-19-15, 12:14 pm
Welcome to the forum! Can you post some pictures of your pigs :D

09-19-15, 07:48 pm
My girls