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09-14-15, 02:10 pm
Hi, pleased to have found this site! Just a bit about me..... as my name suggests I love rats!! Kept rats for some 20 years but during my last pregnancy I developed an allergy, that child is 10 now and long story short despite numerous creams and potions I am still allergic to rats...... so I now have 2 piggies, my children believe they belong to them but ive kind of stolen them as they are so adorable, got two boars Badger and Chocolate, I found this site while looking for a new cage, a friend of mine built me an outdoor hutch but not only is it absolutely massive, takes me around 2 hours to clean it! its turning wet and miserable now so im looking to house them indoors, just purchased a Midwest cage and found this site cause I need some advice!! But since this is just really to introduce myself I wont ask here!! So hi everyone im Nicky from UK and looking forward to getting to know you!!

09-14-15, 02:38 pm
Hi Nicky and welcome to the forums!
Be sure to check out guinealynx for health and well being of your piggies http://www.guinealynx.info. And feel free to ask any questions!

09-14-15, 02:51 pm
Thank you x

09-14-15, 07:01 pm
Welcome! Let's see some pics of those pigs!

09-15-15, 03:42 am
I have no idea how to get pictures on here...... is it easy enough??

09-15-15, 07:55 am
In the quick reply box (where I'm typing this), the third icon from the right is the picture attachment icon. Click it and follow the directions.