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09-14-15, 07:17 am
Hi, my name is Sherleen!!

I just move to FL in July, to work as a teacher for children with special needs. On Thursday, one of my sons and I drove one hour to Lake County Sheriffs office to adopt our Anna!!! She is 9 weeks old and if I say so myself soooooooooooo cute!!!! At first we keep her in a small cage from a pet store (yeah I know, bad mama) but when we saw her, we fell in love and didn't want to loose her, we couldn't possibly leave her in the shelter. Then I spend Friday afternoon and Saturday buying supplies to make a cage (the grids where hard to find, thankfully Bed, bath and beyond save me). Yesterday we spend like 2 hours, making it and I have to say I very proud of myself and one of my sons (he has autism) so it's rare for him to be interested in "furry things", he is more of a reptile guy. But Anna has change that (Go Anna). But I don't Anna to be alone, I want to adopt another girl to be her friend, but I haven't be able to find one.
I also need to buy some felt and make some cute hide away for her. I wasn't able to find the recommended shampoos, where can I find them? I read about vitamins, are they necessary or is better to get her fresh veggies and fruit, I read they need vitamin C!!! Any recommendation will be appreciated, I want to be a good mom. As soon as I figure out how to upload photos, I will post Anna's photo and her housing!!

09-14-15, 07:40 am

Yay!!! figure it out!! I sat on the floor to take the picture and she came out to see me!!! Curious little one!!!

09-14-15, 07:42 am
Most of the vitamins they need are provided in their vegetables and pellets, assuming they eat their vegetables and do not have any medical issues impeding the absorption of vitamins. The best source for vitamin C is bell peppers and as such bell peppers should be one of the daily staples to their daily cup of vegetables (note young guinea pigs don't need a full cup to start off with, start with around half a cup and scale it up to the full cup as she ages). As she is young she will need a source of calcium until she is 6 months old, this can be provided by Alfalfa hay (mixed in with the regular long strand grass hay, like Timothy hay, at roughly 30-40% alfalfa to 70-60% long strand grass hay) OR Alfalfa pellets OR a high calcium vegetable like a few sprigs of parsley a day. Read this page for more information about what vegetables you can feed and how frequently you can feed them https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/22156-READ-ME-Cavy-Nutrition-Charts-amp-Poisonous-Plants-List

As you live in the US I would recommend KMS pellets, they are only available for order on-line but they are well regarded as the best pellet available. Don't be scared off by the cost of shipping, if you add the full cost up then work out the cost per pound it is normally very similar to the cost of pellets in pet stores. Also note it is a good idea to buy hay in bulk rather then the bags you get from pet stores as it can save you a lot of money in the long run, the cheapest source is by the bale from a fodder store or farmer but buying on-line in bulk from places like KMS or small pet select is by far the second cheapest option. Here is a link to KMS's website http://www.kmshayloft.com/hay/

As for shampoo's it is important to get a kind made specifically for small animals as it is correctly balanced for the PH of their skin. Most brands of small animal shampoo available in pet stores are okay. Some people recommend gorgeous guinea shampoo but they are located in the UK so postage to the US can take a while, here is a link to their webpage http://shop.gorgeousguineas.com/

09-14-15, 07:55 am
Thank you so much for the info!!! Is good to know what to do!!

09-14-15, 08:04 am
Also guinea lynx is a great site to have a browse through.

Here are some good pages to get started on

09-14-15, 10:28 am
Welcome! She is a cutie! There is a lot of great information on these boards and the admins and all members are so helpful.

09-14-15, 11:58 am
Hi greetings from Winter Garden, FL [emoji4] I am wondering where were you able to find the coroplast and did they cut and score it for you?
Good luck with Anna she's beautiful. [emoji5]️

09-14-15, 07:05 pm
Welcome to you and Anna! For now, you could use cardboard boxes for a hidey house. Just make sure it is open on the bottom (you don't want her to pee or poo in there and then sit in it). Cut a few doorways and there you go! I used those for a bit when I first got my pigs.

09-15-15, 01:24 pm
Thank you, I'm sure Anna will love it!!!!

09-15-15, 01:26 pm
Hi!! I found my coroplast at Home Depot and I cut it myself at home:o!!! and Thank you!!!

09-15-15, 02:09 pm
Ah cool thanks sseary [emoji51]

09-15-15, 02:17 pm
Hi Shereen! We must be neighbors. I also live in Lake Mary (and my son attended a special needs school in Lake Mary for 3 years), plus we just adopted a Guinea pig this weekend as well! What a small world. :)

09-15-15, 08:42 pm
Hi Shereen! We must be neighbors. I also live in Lake Mary (and my son attended a special needs school in Lake Mary for 3 years), plus we just adopted a Guinea pig this weekend as well! What a small world. :)

Wow, that's great!! I work at UCP of Central Florida!! I'm exited about our adoption, I used to have a Guinea pig at my island when I was in college!!

09-15-15, 09:24 pm
That's the school my son went to for years! We love Ucp!