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09-13-15, 09:44 pm
I need help with 2 major things!

1. The first thing I need help with is a second level enterance, I have a tube that is going to go up to the second
level but I don't know how to put a hole for an enterance, Im using C&C cage items to make it, how do I make
a hole big enough for guinea pigs to hit through? Do I need expensive tools, take it to someones, or is it super easy.

2. The second thing I need help with is the ramp, how steep can guinea pigs climb? (Im using a tube for a ramp). Should I put fleece at the bottom, something that they can grab onto incase its to steep?

Those are my main questions for now, Ill add more if I have more questions.

09-13-15, 09:47 pm
You can make a hole in the grid with wire cutters, but you'll have to do something to protect the pigs from the sharp ends of the wires.

What kind of tube are you using? If you're using PVC pipe, you'll need at least six inches in diameter for adult pigs. You also have to have something in the pipe for traction -- they can't manage the slick surface. And, you need to have some way to take it apart and clean it out. I took my loft down because one of my pigs' favorite place to sit was at the top of the ramp. All the pee and poop rolled down, and it was a real hassle to clean.