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09-13-15, 07:49 pm
I and my sister have an account with you. We both use the same devices in our home. She hasn't used hers in a while and I asked to have her account deleted and she said that would be fine. Neither one of use wants to break the rules... If deleting hers isn't possible can u merge our accounts? We' ll use one for the both of us. I would have done that before but I didn't think about. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and this will never happen again. Please don't ban me!

09-13-15, 07:56 pm
I answer your other post. It's fine for both of you to have accounts.

But please don't double post. We read all the new posts, and we'll see your request without your posting a duplicate.

09-13-15, 08:01 pm
Oh sorry won't happen again