View Full Version : I need advice for my guinea pig, how do I bond more with him so he's used to me?

09-13-15, 04:52 pm
Hi. So recently I got a new male guinea pig from a shelter and have had him for about a month. He's 2 years old and named nut. I need a little advice on how to care for him. I know some basics like to clean his cage often and have food in there all the time, but I don't really know how to bond with him. I take him out but he just sits there. I don't know if it's his cage or I need to take him out more to play or change the environment of my room. Please send some advice so he can be a happy critter! :)

09-14-15, 06:43 pm
You should get to know what your guinea pigs like/dislike. That way you will know where he likes to be pet, what his favorite foods are, and how playful he is. That way you guys will bond more. Hope this helped :)

09-14-15, 07:29 pm
Thank you. This is starting to help :)