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09-12-15, 07:10 pm
Behring has been sneezing off an on for a year (he's 2). He's been on many different medications but nothing has ever fully cured his sneezing (I can't think of them at the top of my head). He will go through periods where he's fine but then he will start sneezing again. He's had discharge from his nose before but this has been the worse by far. One day he got stuffy and breathing weird so we steamed up the bathroom and let him sit in there for a few minutes. He was able to finally breathe but started sneezing like crazy after. Ever since then, he's been snorting like an actual pig. The next day he went to the vet. His regular vet was out on a medical leave so he went to a new one experienced with guinea pigs. She said his lungs are fine and he looks healthy and to monitor him for a week. She says it's complications from his abscess he had a year ago that was removed. He's completely normal in terms of eating, drinking, and his behavior....he just snorts. We came back a few days ago and she said he'll have to go to a different vet who has the equipment small enough to take his X-ray. Behring also lost half a pound despite his eating :(

I just want him to get better and not suffer. I've been so stressed out. I took Monday off to take him to get his X-ray (I wouldn't be in the right state of mind at work knowing he needs medical attention). I've never had him take an X-ray before. What should I expect? I'm just mentally preparing myself. Thanks in advance

Here's a video of him snorting (he's the black one).


09-12-15, 07:22 pm
An x-ray isn't bad as far as procedures go. For some x-rays and some pigs, no sedation is needed. For others, they may need to "whiff" him under with isofluorane gas, but he'll be awake again just as soon as they move the gas away from his nose.

Let us know what you find out.

09-13-15, 09:34 am
Seem like he has a noise problem where it go away and come back just like a ear infection is he allergic to anything and where does he live does the room or cage have anything special about them it might be dust probably hope you two feel better :(

09-14-15, 07:24 pm
So no X-ray today but this is what doctor said 76383


09-14-15, 07:33 pm
I think what he's calling "strangles" is actually cervical lymphadenitis (CL). It's called strangles in horses. See http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?p=160439 for more information.