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09-11-15, 03:37 pm
Hi there, my name is Dione and I am the new owner of a white and butterscotch male guinea pig named Archie.
We love this new world so much but the more we learn about guinea pigs the more I worry that we need to do
more for him. Is it far better to have a buddy for Archie? We have been keeping our eyes out for another male
but we also only have one of those cages from the pet store. I have looked at many of the photos on here and
the cages are amazing. I am not very handy. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I would like to build
the easiest cage that doesn't cost too much money. Thanks!

09-11-15, 07:40 pm
Welcome! Yep, Archie needs a friend when you can give them a bigger home! When I was a teenager I had a single female piggie in a not so great setup (didn't know any better and I'm not about to say what she was in LOL) She was quiet and kept to herself. This time around, I have 2 boys and they are so much more vocal and active, especially when they have more room! (I started them in a petstore cage as well, not realizing how fast they grow). Check out the link above "Cages Store." They have directions on building your own as well as buying setups that you just put together. My two boys are in a 2x5 C&C cage I got from the link above, and they LOVE the space. The cages don't require tools and you just connect the grids together - it's not very hard and the directions are great! You can setup a really big cage for less than the price of a petstore cage actually! Have fun!

09-11-15, 09:17 pm
Welcome to GPC!

Here's a link on how to build a C&C cage.

Where to find materials:

09-11-15, 10:01 pm
Hey! Welcome. I purchased my girls' C&C setup via guineapigcages.com, as lissie mentioned above. I didn't want to go through the trouble of figuring out how to make the cage completely from scratch, so I purchased a 2x4 C&C directly from them. I'd definitely recommend doing business with them. Pros: good customer service, easy to assembly, and good value. If you don't have any other pets or children, you could even consider doing a topless cage, which will actually bring the cost down.

This is my girls' cage:

I chose the cage with the cover because I am also the mother of a toddler and our family has a Poodle.

09-11-15, 10:19 pm
I'm not sure how the bottom picture got turned sideways. It wasn't taken like that, but somehow turned when I uploaded it. I am unable to go back and edit. My apologies.